The Pre-MLS Marketplace

Connect better.
Sell more. is a new agent-only network. We’re like a virtual broker meeting where you can share what’s coming up with agents you aren’t yet connected with.

  • Reduce time on market
  • Surface hidden supply for buyers
  • Always known what’s “coming soon”


Exclusive Membership

Be known to your clients as the agent who always knows what’s coming soon. Only licensed agents can be members. We check.


Generate Buzz & Cut DOM

Premarket your coming listings by posting them in our private network, adding as much or as little info as you like.


Discover Hidden Inventory

Search posts by other Insider Agents, and get notified when a new property is posted. See something your clients may like? Reach out.


Why join when I already have the MLS?

We aren’t interested in replacing the MLS. We want to help you supplement it. You already know how stigma sets in as days on market accumulate and price reductions pile up. Our goal is to help you establish a position of strength when negotiating on behalf of your clients by maximizing activity in the first two weeks on the market. We do this by helping you take full advantage of pre-market prep time – the days or weeks it can take to get properties properly prepared for market.

Am I going to be stuck with a contract if I join?

Nope. There’s a magic little link on the members-only Setting page to cancel your account. Click that, then click the confirmation, and your account will be canceled. No questions asked, and no future billing.

Aren’t pocket listings bad?

We aren’t here to try to convince you to sell properties off-MLS. Our primary focus is helping you market properties that are destined to be listed. But if your client wants you to sell off market, you can use to let other agents know.

How do I get to be at the top of your public Agents page?

Great question! We want to reward our most active members by promoting them publicly as top listing agents.

There are a few things we have in the works to do this, one of which we plan to roll out very soon: A leaderboard that will replace the arbitrary sorting of the current Agents page list so that the agents with the most posts go on top.

How do I know the properties I post aren’t visible to the general public? is secured so that only members can see the posts, and only licensed real estate agents can join. And yes, we check to make sure the licenses are valid.

How will I know when a new property is posted?

You can set your notification preferences to email you all the new properties posted once a day, weekly or immediately.

Early Bird Special

Request membership before May 30 and you will lock in your monthly membership fee at $19 per month for the life of your account. If you don’t like it, cancel before you have to pay. After May 30, the membership price will raise to $27 per month.

Try it FREE

The first month is free, then it’s $19/mo. Cancel anytime with two clicks, no questions asked.